In einer Welt, die oft in abgeschlossenen Silos organisiert ist, die sich in einem ständigen Wandel befindet haben Verwaltungen, Stiftungen und Privatunternehmen manchmal Schwierigkeiten, sich an zukünftige Herausforderungen anzupassen, sie zu identifizieren und zu antizipieren. civicLab hinterfragt Gewohnheiten und gibt konkrete Antworten, indem es Brücken zwischen Wirtschaft, Politik und Zivilgesellschaft schlägt. civicLab macht Ihre Strukturen auf kreative Weise dynamischer und zeigt ihr Potenzial auf, indem es ihnen ermöglicht, individuell und kollektiv zu gedeihen.


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Der Förderfonds Engagement Migros ermöglicht Pionierprojekte im gesellschaftlichen Wandel, die neue Wege beschreiten und zukunftsgerichtete Lösungen erproben. Der wirkungsorientierte Förderansatz verbindet finanzielle Unterstützung mit coachingartigen Leistungen im Pionierlab. Engagement Migros wird von den Unternehmen der Migros-Gruppe mit jährlich circa zehn Millionen Franken ermöglicht und ergänzt seit 2012 das Migros-Kulturprozent. Weitere Informationen:

Verantwortlich für civicChallenge

Anja Wyden Guelpa Team member  civicChallenge

Anja Wyden Guelpa



As a legendary optimist and a person of action and reflection, Anja Wyden Guelpa helps civicLab companies or organizations to become more competitive and attractive through the evolution of their corporate culture. She successfully motivates teams in difficult times. Her experience and a certain natural authority allows her to lead and steer creative processes and help executives and employees to excel.

Anja Wyden Guelpa is former State Chancellor of the Canton of Geneva, Director general of social affairs, strategy consultant at IBM business consulting and Innovation Project Manager at Secretary of State of Economics Affairs. Beside her company she is an independent board member of corporate boards, chairwoman of several foundations and she teaches Innovation, Design Thinking and Political Communication at the Universities of Lausanne, Geneva and the University of Applied Science Geneva.

Che Wagner Team member  civicChallenge

Che Wagner

+41 76 230 75 29

Che is passionate about deepening good ideas, creating teams, building crowds and developing organizations. Besides creating civicChallenge, he is active in the civic tech area redeveloping the pioneering Swiss online plattform WeCollect. Che worked in a digitization project at the regional child and adult protection agency in Basel (Canton Basel-Stadt) in 2017.

He studied History and Social Sciences at the University of Basel (BA), History of Economics at the University of Zurich (MA) and European Global Studies with an emphasis on European Law at the University of Basel (MA).

Mikhaël Salamin Team member  civicChallenge

Mikhaël Salamin

Kommunikation und wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Powered by an endless curiosity, Mikhaël take great pleasure in inventing new ways of solving old problems, analysing international politics, fighting for data privacy and playing music. Wanting to put his creativity and skills at best use, he joined civicChallenge to help foster innovation in the public sector in Switzerland.

He studied International Relations (BA) at the University of Geneva and International Law (MA) at the University of St. Gallen (HSG).

Severin Guelpa Team member  civicChallenge

Severin Guelpa

Administration und künsterlische Beratung

Séverin Guelpa is an artist, explorer and curator. His work is based on his experience of the extreme territories he occupies and the expeditions he leads, in deserts or on glaciers. By confronting their hostile climatic conditions or drawing inspiration from the communities that live there, he explores our capacity to adapt and our strength of resilience. For him, the physical experience of these places is a way of grasping today‘s ecological challenges and the radical changes facing our societies.

Sacha Beraud Team member  civicChallenge

Sacha Beraud



Sacha Beraud is a designer, consultant and developer, he is the founder of DaisyBell, an agency specialised in graphic design and web development.

He studied Art and Design at the Graduate School of Fine Arts of Bordeaux (BA),
Theory of Art and Language at EHESS in Paris and finished his studies at the HEAD | HES-SO of Geneva (MA).